Academic Program

Kahili Adventist School offers a modified year-round school program, with the new school year beginning around the end of July through the end of May, with three 2-week vacations at the end of each quarter. In addition there are several long weekends throughout the school year in observance of national holidays. We believe that this schedule allows us to take advantage of a shorter summer vacation to reduce the amount of time needed to re-teach concepts from the previous year, giving us more time to cover new material on the current grade level.2 At the same time, a 7-8 week vacation during the summer allows families to enjoy family vacation time, giving them the opportunity to enrich their children’s educational experience outside the school setting.

At Kahili Adventist School, students are in multi-age and multi-grade classrooms. One of the many advantages of this methodology includes the benefit of students keeping the same teacher for more than one year. This continuity allows teachers to develop strong connections with both students and families and, as a result, teachers learn the unique strengths and weaknesses of the students and can target help as needed. Students and teachers alike work hard at courses that are more rigorous than most of those at similar grade levels in comparable schools.

Research shows that that the multi-age classroom lends itself to the use of powerful learning techniques such as cooperative learning with students helping students. Children are taught to work together and provide peer support without the restrictions of age or grade.

Beyond the core curriculum of reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies, students are given the opportunity to participate in additional studies in the disciplines of technology, music, and performance. These programs encompass the areas of speech, performing arts, singing, bell choir, piano, and computer technology.

KAS students have the privilege of attending a special Chapel service once a week. During this time, students participate in singing together and learning sound Christian, Bible-based values. It is during this time that they are given the opportunity to practice public speaking and performance in front of an audience of their peers before taking them out into the community as service acts for others. In addition to this weekly Chapel service, there are two “Week of Prayer” celebrations where a person or group is invited to present a week of daily chapel services in which students are challenged to recommit their lives to Christ and His service.

Discipline at Kahili Adventist School is based on principles4 instead of rules. These principles are clearly shared with all students and staff, and include the basic tenet of mutual respect. In addition, KAS uses a school wide incentive program that rewards good citizenship and academic performance in a tangible way, as well as to hold students accountable for their own behavior and performance.
Our school has a tightly monitored dress code that includes KAS polo shirts or KAS t-shirts, jeans or khaki pants, shorts, or skirts. In cooler weather, plain or KAS sweatshirts may be worn. Students not in compliance will not be allowed to attend class and parents will be asked to pick them up or bring them appropriate clothing. Personal electronics including, but not limited to, music players, video games, and cell phones cannot be used on campus.

We intentionally involve our students in numerous service activities including cleaning public areas such as beaches and parks, singing and performing for the elderly, and fundraising in support of various philanthropic projects. Our plans are to begin finding ways of involving our students and parents in international mission trips. We believe that involving our students in service helps them develop the personal values needed to be a responsible member of the community as well as a servant of God.